Monday, June 20, 2016

A Whole New World

I have to admit, I'm still in a bit of a haze over this one and it still doesn't feel entirely real. Remember that last post where I was talking about Cleveland never winning a sports championship? In my entire life? Actually in longer than I've been alive?

No more.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship last night. (I'm sure the trophy they won has a name but I have no idea what it is).  Being the native Clevelander that I am, I was sure that they were going to lose, especially when LeBron James was writhing around on the court with about 10 seconds left in the game because he smacked his wrist on the rim while being fouled.

Ahead by 3 points with only 10 seconds left? Doesn't matter. I'm sure that this is the beginning of the end.  I mean, the way he was writhing on the floor I was sure his whole hand was going to be hanging off by a tendon or something! I figured this was the basketball version of Elway coming back 90 yards to win.

But you know what? I was WRONG!!!! Amazingly and gloriously WRONG!  LeBron made a free throw, and the Golden State Warriors would keep missing and before you knew it, the clock went to zero and history was made.

Now I am going to be the first person to admit that there would be many people that might call me a bandwagon fan.  I'm going to say not exactly, I've always had the Cavs on the radar, but off to the side of the radar.  As we've already covered, hockey is my true love when it comes to sports, and I don't have time to be totally obsessed by two sports playing REALLY long seasons at the same time. That being said, unless you've lived it you have no idea what it means to have this team bring home the first championship in 52 years.

Of course, now I don't know what to do. I'm so used to saying "wait til next year," I'm not sure what to say. So I guess I will just say this:

Thank you to this team for giving Cleveland something it's wanted for such a long time.

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